Sales Force Management
Full Customer Visibility
Commission Performance Tracking

In Summary

The Supplemental Software ERP™ Sales module ensures that the CCS enterprise is equipped with revenue generation and reporting functionality. In many ERP solutions, the marketing systems and the sales and revenue systems are disconnected from the manufacturing process.  CCS ensures tight integration for the entire process. 


  • Sales force Management – The sales force has visibility and control directly into the sales process from quotation to sale.  Direct integration of sales collateral into the marketing automation ensures that all information on that sales cycle is monitored. 
  • Sales funnel monitoring – Sales funnel management tools are provided allowing management to gauge both customer and sales force success.
  • Commission Performance Tracking – Commission tracking is provided to ensure that both sales team and sales management understand all sales initiatives and can grow the business while optimizing sales force performance to goals.
  • Full Customer Visibility – The Supplemental sales dashboard allows the organization to identify all customer activity and the opportunities for that customer.  Additionally, the AI customer scoring system allows the organization to assess the value of that customer.
  • Relationship management – The sales functionality tightly integrates with the business and customer relationship modules ensuring all marketing and sales efforts are integrated through the sales cycle.
  • CPQ integration – All presales initiatives in the enterprise are supporting and managed into the sales cycle.

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