BI and Analytics

In Summary

The Collaborative Commerce Suite Business Intelligence and Analysis modules allow an enterprise to use all internal and external information for visualization, analysis, timely decision making and timeliness.


The Collaborative Commerce Suite™ BI and Analytics tools leverage both machine learning and sensing.  Exception based inferencing for alerting and review and ‘sensing’ algorithms are leveraged to create actionable analysis.

The Sales processes can leverage access to customer, quotation, historical and technical specifications. Additionally, there are management dashboards that allow sales management to monitor sales force execution.

Campaigns, email automation, customer interaction and web content are monitored and are shared with both marketing personnel and the sales force. Once marketing develops campaign or event approaches, they are not only implemented by the marketing department, but they are also visible to the enterprise for being able to execute against the campaign.

From purchase to receipt, all supply chain activity is tracked for timing, accuracy and completeness. This 360 degree of visibility ensures both users and management have key inventory and vendor information at their fingertips when needed.

All financial, budgeting, and costing information is available for both historical and future performance management.

Both system and alert based Dashboards (Distributed Dashboards™) are available to users and management. Visibility with graphic representation and drill down capabilities ensure both staff and management have the capability to leverage enterprise knowledge.

Performance Management systems are available for continuous monitoring of key performance initiatives for the organization.

One of the many strengths of the Collaborative Commerce Suite™ BI & analytics is collaboration. Both internal and external stake holders are capable of getting secure and compliant information from the system.


This ensures that IT costs can be reduced by leveraging intuitive systems versus traditional ‘self service’ and build your own that often only lead to additional reporting without benefit.


Sales has visibility into customer / sales representative / performance to goal / quota and commission information to ensure success.


Marketing efforts can be measured for success.


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