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Collaborative Commerce Suite

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Digital Transformation

Supplemental Software has created the Collaborative Commerce Suite (‘CCS’) to provide an innovative set of solutions that both retailers and manufacturers can leverage for process optimization. Since 2008, Supplemental has been trailblazing supply chain environments with synchronized communication and third party expertise, creating millions in revenue for partnered organizations.

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CPG Collaboration

Synchronization is the secret to Supplemental’s success. In the past, retailers and suppliers have been forced to work apart, in separate systems. Not surprisingly, partnered events and business have suffered because of this lack of transparency. The Collaborative Commerce Suite aligns partner’s data, strategy, and process to eliminate excess cost and confusion.

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Best Practice

Our core goal is to share disruptive innovations that revolutionize supply and demand chain management. Because it is our vision to drive down the cost of retail business between partners, we offer our technology at a fraction of the cost of big market providers, while constantly bringing Best Practices to the CCS Community. 

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Performance Management
With our performance management tool partners are equipped to analyze and synchronize their performance metrics.
Collaborative Event Planning
Collaborative Event Planning or "CEP" is our proven process optimization strategy that creates a unified workflow among partners.
Self Service
We offer a self service portal to make analyzing important store or DC level data a simple and easy process.
Predictive Ananlytics
We offer predictive analytics to give our partners a 360° understanding of how to manage future inventory levels.
Alerting/ Dashboards
Our automated alerting system continuously monitors the data stored in our Collaborative Community and will advise users of requested changes as they occur.
Predictive Data Mining
We provide Predictive Data Mining services that leverage mathematical algorithms and real-time supply signals to create a more accurate forecast of your inventory needs.

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